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    Why You Need a GoPro Camera for Your Fall Travels

    The fall travel season is here, and that means picture-perfect views of changing leaves, long hikes in cooler temperatures, and sightseeing with fewer crowds. All of the elements that make fall travel so special will make you want to snap photos everywhere you turn, and there’s no better way to do it than with an extremely durable and compact travel camera. The GoPro HERO5 just hit store shelves around the world, and these are four reasons why you need this simple,…


    Keep Your Devices Charged Longer With This Travel Adapter

    Photo credit: www.amazon.com Charging devices for travellers shouldn’t be complicated which is why practicing good travel etiquette with your smartphone, tablet or laptop is a must! We want to touch on a few good rules of thumb to follow on your next trip and recommend the only adapter you’ll ever need to keep your devices charged and ready for the adventures that await. There is nothing more frustrating than running out of battery and needing your phone charged while travelling…

    Iceland Waterfall

    Why a Stopover in Iceland Will Be the Best Part of Your Trip

    For me, Iceland used to be one of those places that I was probably never going to visit. Despite the fact that I share a Viking heritage with the 300,000 odd people who inhabit this strange hunk of rock in the middle of the Atlantic, and despite the instinctive oohs and aahs that were conjured in my mind upon mention of its northern lights, mighty waterfalls, and adorable horses, Iceland simply always seemed too far out of the way, too…

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    5 Reasons You’re Missing Out By Not Visiting Northern Ireland

    Mountains, rugged coastline, historic villages, world-renowned golf courses and even Games of Thrones filming locations — Northern Ireland probably isn’t a destination that’s on your bucket list, but it should be. This land of culture, history and unrivaled natural scenery is one that shouldn’t be missed, and the following are five reasons why you’re missing out by not being there.

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    5 Beaches You Won’t Believe Are in the U.K.

    When dreaming of a summer beach getaway, you may not imagine countries like Scotland or Wales. However, the United Kingdom is home to roughly 12,429 kilometres of coastline just waiting to be discovered by beach bums from around the world. The following are five of the U.K.’s best beaches, ranging from popular tourist destinations to rarely visited stretches of rugged, photo-worthy coastline. 

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    Ryanair Keeps Travel Throughout Ireland Affordable

    Since 1985, Irish locals and travelers have been enjoying more affordable air travel throughout the country and beyond. Based in Dublin, Ireland, Ryanair is a low-cost airline serving the Emerald Isle as well as 32 countries across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. The airline has since become one of Europe’s largest airlines.

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    AirAsia X Makes Long-Haul Flights More Affordable

    Most travelers who have visited Southeast Asia are familiar with the AirAsia airline. It’s the no-frills airline that flies travelers to more than 100 destinations across Asia for prices that are tough for other airlines to beat. AirAsia X, founded in 2007, is now a sister company of the famous Malaysian airline. AirAsia X operates the medium- and long-haul flights to destinations in Asia and Australia the sister airline doesn’t reach. For budget-minded travelers, this means longer flights have finally gotten a…

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    Vueling Airlines Brings Low-Cost Fares to Spain and Beyond

    Vueling Airlines, founded in 2004, is now the second largest airline in Spain. The company offers budget-friendly fares to more than 100 destinations across Europe, Africa and Asia. If you find yourself on summer adventures throughout these regions of the world, you’ll likely catch a glimpse of Vueling Airlines or even enjoy an affordable flight with the popular airline.

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    Passengers Enjoy Affordable Luxury with Oman Air

    Oman Air isn’t one of the most famous airlines in the industry, but it’s one that receives top-level ratings from passengers year after year. Oman Air was founded in 1981 to operate scheduled domestic and international flights throughout the Arabian Peninsula and beyond. The airline now reaches 27 countries and 50 destinations via its hub in the capital city of Muscat.

    Cool Cousin Is the Travel App You Need in 2017

    There’s nothing like having a trendy family member in a foreign country. However, not everyone has a cool, globetrotting cousin who owns an apartment in every city they visit. Actually, no one does. Cool Cousin is a must-have travel app that enhances every travel experience by connecting you with like-minded people, or “cousins,” everywhere you travel.