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    Keep Your Devices Charged Longer With This Travel Adapter


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    Charging devices for travellers shouldn’t be complicated which is why practicing good travel etiquette with your smartphone, tablet or laptop is a must! We want to touch on a few good rules of thumb to follow on your next trip and recommend the only adapter you’ll ever need to keep your devices charged and ready for the adventures that await.

    There is nothing more frustrating than running out of battery and needing your phone charged while travelling for business or pleasure.

    Great travel etiquette for conserving energy includes: switching devices off during flights, charging them to the full before you get on board, reducing screen brightness or putting the device in flight mode.

    But sometimes you need to be connected to work, friends and family and need to keep the charge for longer durations, that’s where a great travel adapter can come in handy. Just plug it into any of the outlets available and grab a quick charge.

    Traveling for business or pleasure is often a great experience. But worrying about whether Delhi, Dubai or Dublin take a two-pronged plug or a round-pin one should not be something that takes up your time. Australia requires its own special adaptors, having their own particular shape.

    It’s also often the case that at least one of your friends, family or colleagues forgets to bring the correct plug or adaptor, in which case it may make sense to invest in a set of plugs that have you covered for all countries and occasions.

    One set of adaptors worth checking out is the Ceptics GP-5PK International Travel Plug Adaptor Set.

    It includes all standard plugs such as Type E and F for Europe, Type G for the UK, Dubai and Hong Kong and Type B for the US, Japan and Canada. Even better, if you need to charge your laptop or tablet plus your phone or a friends device–each adaptor can charge two devices each.

    With this Plug Adaptor Set, you’ll never have to worry you can’t charge your accessories and run out of power. Keep the set secure in the bag, and simply stash it in your carry-on luggage for use at the airport, conference room or hotel.

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